On-Call Firefighter

The Townsend Fire-EMS Department, 13 Elm Street, P.O. Box 530, Townsend, MA 01469, is seeking applications to fill On-Call Firefighter positions. Candidates meeting the qualifications outlined below and included in the On-Call Firefighter, Town of Townsend Job description, are to mail or hand deliver their intent with resume, town job application and attached references to Chief Shepherd. Applications will be accepted at any time and retained at Townsend Fire-EMS Headquarters until such time as they are acted upon.


Respond to fire, hazardous material, rescue and medical emergencies attend training and meetings as per department rules and regulations.


Job Environment:
Firefighting duties during emergencies involve the performance of hazardous tasks under emergency conditions in protecting life and property, and frequently require strenuous physical exertion under handicaps of smoke, extreme heat, gases and cramped surroundings. Work is of an emergency nature – fast paced and under pressure.


Examples of Work

Emergency Response:
Drive and operate equipment and equipage of heavy apparatus such as aerial platforms, aerial ladder trucks, hose wagons, pumpers, rescue trucks, and similar firefighting apparatus.  Lay, couple, connect hose, advance hose into burning buildings to direct fog or water streams, use various heavy stream appliances and extinguishers.  Place, erect and climb ladders (including aerial ladders), ventilate burning buildings and areas, use forcible entry tools if necessary to force locked doors, windows and skylights, and to saw or chop opening in roofs, partitions and ceilings.  Enter burning buildings to evacuate and rescue persons in danger, raising ladders, stretchers, life-lines, and administer emergency medical care.  Perform emergency rescue and extrication work under various conditions.  Spread salvage covers; remove excess water and debris, secure buildings against rekindling, trespassers and weather.  Attend departmental drills, company drills, and training classes.  When reporting for duty, must have clothing in conformity with the rules and directives.
Comply with State laws pertaining to First Responders (including but not limited to standard First Aid and C.P.R.).


Education and Experience:
Maintain a valid driver’s license – preferably a Class B Commercial Driver’s License
Certification in CPR and First Responder
Previous firefighting experience is preferred, but not required


Emergency firefighting duties require familiarity with the standards and procedures of the Fire-EMS Department, knowledge of the apparatus (including driving and operating pumps), and certification in both CPR and First Responder.


For emergency responses, must be able to work in dangerous, difficult settings under extreme pressure
Maintain working relationships with members of other departments in Townsend and with representatives from a variety of state agencies
Interface with the public effectively and professionally (home and business inspections)
Ability to work unsupervised for long periods of time


Physical Requirements:
Able to drive a car, fire apparatus
Able to lift and carry loads of 100+ lbs.
Able to climb aerial ladder while in full turnout gear with SCBA
Able to work in confined spaces

Townsend Application CORI Form 2018